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Ultimate Vehicle Sealer from $400

Paint Sealer:

NVS Paint Sealer utilizes advanced technology to create a brilliant shine and provides durable, long lasting protection from natures’ elements. When left unprotected UV Rays, acid rain, hard water, tree sap, and industrial fallout will deteriorate your paint’s finish and vehicle’s value. Paint sealer will help create and preserve a high gloss appearance with no need for customer reapplication. When protected with NVS, vehicles maintain that “Showroom New” finish and higher resale value.

  • Warranted against loss of gloss, fading, discoloration and oxidation
  • No reapplication necessary
  • Prevents damage from UV rays, tree sap, industrial fallout, etc.
  • Water “sheets” vs beads to reduce water spotting and etching
  • Creates a brilliant and deep “wet look” shine

Fabric Sealer:

NVS Fabric Sealer protects your vehicles carpeting, floor mats, and fabric upholstery. Once applied; spills, drips, and everyday mishaps are easily solved before they become permanent stains in your vehicle’s interior. Fabric sealers form a waterproof soil resistant coating around each individual fiber to create a protective barrier without altering the texture, scent or color of the treated fabric. Water and oil based spills will bead up rather than penetrate the fibers. This allows quick and easy clean up by simply blotting with a towel. Most over the counter fabric guards are primarily water based meaning they are easily removed in the cleaning process. Ours is a long lasting stain resistant coating that does not require a periodic reapplications.

  • Warranted against permanent staining as a result of water, coffee, milk, soda and other similar liquids
  • No reapplication necessary
  • Liquid spills bead up on top of the fabric allowing easy cleanup; dirt can be vacuumed or wiped off with a gentle cleaning solution
  • Protects and perfects your investment

Leather Sealer:

NVS Leather Sealer preserves the integrity of your vehicles leather and vinyl upholstery. Without protection, the U.V. rays and extreme temperatures can strip away essential oils and cause drying, fading, cracking, and discoloration. Spills can penetrate the surface and create permanent stains. These effects lead to premature aging of seats, dashboards and interior trim. Using advanced UV inhibitors and penetrating conditioners Leather Sealer helps to retain the soft and supple texture while preventing premature wear. One professional application will help retain higher resale value.

  • Warranted against drying, fading, cracking and discoloration
  • No reapplication necessary
  • Prevents staining due to water, coffee, soda and other liquids
  • Retains soft and supple texture